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Utility analytics plays an immense role in demand and production. The next advantage is gathering consumer insights and finding analytic capabilities indispensable in resolving business challenges. Utility analytics plays a vital role in order to be a leader in the industry and not to fall behind. Utilities have always analyzed data to improve the operation of the electric grid and their processes. Data analytics are helping utility companies to better understand usage patterns and deliver new services and savings to customers, especially for energy providing industry. Analytics and IoT data are also being used by utilities for predictive grid operation and maintenance. To keep us prepared for climatic changes, historic weather based analysis helps predicting and forecasting the future weather events.

What we specialize in:

  • Behavioral load shaping encourage customers to save energy
  • Enhancing the utility digital customer experience
  • Reduce service costs with proactive alerts
  • Improve satisfaction levels with detailed home energy reports
  • Expand customer engagement to the grid edge.
  • Prediction of energy usage based on past consumption trends.
  • Making more efficient maintenance decisions that help avoid catastrophic grid failures.