Data Analytics And Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) services are aimed at enabling structured data-driven decision-making across the company.  Preferhub offers BI consulting, implementation, support and BI as a Service to help clients automate data management processes and embrace advanced business analysis.

Components of a Business Analytics Solution We Deliver:

  • ETL\ELT processes – Extracting data from diverse data sources, transforming it into a predefined format and loading it into a storage destination.

  • Data lake – Storing any type of data, including big data.

  • Data warehouse – Centralized storing of structured data for reporting and analysis.

  • OLAP cubes – Structuring data in a multidimensional format for rapid self-service data analysis.

  • Data reporting and visualization – Making analytics results digestible with immersive reports and interactive dashboards.

  • Data quality management – Identifying and eliminating data anomalies via data profiling, cleansing, validation, etc.

  • Data security – Ensuring data is stored, transformed and exploited in a secure way.

  • Data science – Advanced analytics with data mining, big data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence.