Financial Analytics

Financial analytics help businesses understand current and past organizational performance, predict future performance and make better decisions to suit constantly changing needs. At Preferhub, we believe that financial analytics helps in shaping tomorrow’s business goals and enabling sound financial planning and forecasting. It gives a deeper insight about the financial status of your business and improve the profitability, cash flow and value of your business. By measuring and managing tangible assets such as cash, machinery, etc., financial analytics gives deeper insights into the financial status of your business and improves profitability, cash flow, and business value. Financial analytics will help in making smart decisions to increase the business revenue and minimize the waste of the business with many applications such as credit scoring, claims processing, hedging, portfolio analysis, and customer analytics, financial analytics helps in making smart decisions to increase business revenue and minimize waste.

We at Preferhub, help you strategize the following :

  • Build models for credit scoring to identify risky customers
  • Identify fraudulent transactions using pattern detection
  • Product Profit analytics
  • Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Cash flow analytics